MT Everest

Expedition in Nepal

Always has drawn all the world’s veteran mountain climbers. Mountaineering Expedition means an act of climbing to any peaks of mountain range with the intention of reaching to the summit. It is famous but demanding adventure activity in Nepal. All members will be assisted by our high quality Sherpa. Our Nepalese mountain guides and climbing Sherpas are some of the most experienced in the world and will assist you as much as possible on your summit attempt.

Nepal actually turned into more admired for expedition after successful summation of Mt. Everest by Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgey Sherpa. Nepal Pioneer Treks have been arranging different expedition packages since its inception. Likewise, we also offer trained, competent, as well as experienced mountaineering guides to guarantee the protection and accomplishment.

We pride ourselves for being a specialist in the field of trekking and climbing in the Himalayan region of Nepal.  Allow us make your experience in the Himalayas memorable, adventurous and at the same time extremely safe.