Peak Climbing

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Peak Climbing

Nepal gives climbers an opportunity to tackle a high Himalayan peak without organizing a major expedition which is easy and comfortable than expedition in Nepal. Peak climbing trips offer a chance to climb a Himalayan summit and a taste of being in the white wilderness. Nepal has been the focus of outstanding achievements in the world of peak climbing expeditions, with its eight peaks above 8000 meters. It has challenged the minds and bodies of those who have dared for decades. Climbing these peaks is the next step beyond ‘simply’ trekking, before scaling the 8000-meter peaks. Among the identified 1310 peaks above 6000 meter, one quarter are officially opened for mountaineering activities, including the ‘trekking peaks’.

We only offer Peak climbing in popular trekking destination with relatively easy access to the mountains. Most of these trips can be completed within a short period of time. For instance Naya Khang in the Langtang valley can be completed in less than twenty days with plenty of time allocated for acclimatization.Whereas on the Pisang & Chulu trip, you can back to summits in under one month with an itinerary that also takes you on the famous Annapurna Circuit trek. Everest region holds the most popular peaks which are Mera Peak in the remote Hinku Valley, Island Peak,and Lobuche peaks near the Everest Base Camp area.

Peak Climbing in Nepal require little or no previous mountaineering experience, it is essential that participants are in excellent physical condition and have some outdoor background. Knowledge of use of ice-axe, crampons and ropes will come in handy.Before the actual climb begins we will teach you the basics of handling ropes and other climbing devices including safety considerations. All our climbing treks are guided by trained guides who are registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) each of our climbing guides are local lads who are intimately familiar with the mountains and routes they guide on.

We provide all the personal and group climbing gear and tents required for the peak climbing trip to ensure every one has a hassle free and cost effective climbing trip in the Himalayas. Join one of our Trekking Peak climbing treks to experience the pains and joys of climbing in the high Himalayas – a privilege that once was reserved only for the fabled ‘expedition climbers.