Why need guide and trekking company to trek in Nepal?

high altitude trekking guide

Expertise and Knowledge of Areas

Hiring a tour guide while trekking in Nepal mountainous region is undoubtedly – a matter of life and death. Guides are particularly from the native region; they know a lot about such as the trails, climate, alternative routes, forest and wildlife – which directly influence your trek experience. Trekking agents along with their guides can lend laser focus to your trek which can be valuable also when you have limited time. They always have heap of knowledge and offer something for you to experience as you go along. While visiting a place where English has very less exposure, it’s better to hire a guide who can be very valuable in countless ways.

Solution and Protection on High Altitudes

Trekking agents also gets you a lot help in handling all the logistics of trek. From getting the special National Park Permits, government taxes, checking the operating hours of the local home stays or lodges, making reservations and figuring out the best possible solution when you have a problem.

While trekking up in high altitude – with the help of experienced guides and porters – you can enjoy the endless freedom that you desired for with no burden on your shoulder. The trekking and tour guide/leader will also carry a satellite phone with him in the higher altitude in case of any medical emergency for your optimum safety. Not only every step is at ease but you are also protected from any unforeseen circumstances. Guides can obviously provide you some level of protection in unsecured places.

Responsible and Experienced for the Safety

Other issues such as driving on the opposite side of road in foreign countries unable to read the signs can be a big headache. Other adventurous activities like whitewater rafting, paragliding and wildlife safari – can be best relished at max with help of a qualified trekking agent. You can travel risk free and enjoy your holiday the way you desired with the help of good trekking agent. Moreover, with the help of agents you get to know all the available packages in one place for you to choose from in a reasonable price.