Trekking in Nepal

Are you one of those people who enjoy to travel into the natures lap and want to reside there for a while? If yes then trekking to Nepal can be your dream come true. From the lower terai land to the world’s highest mountain peak(Mt. Everest), Nepal is equipped with natural beauty ,rich cultures and unique religions that will blow your mind out.

Huge glaciers that break into ice and flows throught the rivers. The morning sun in the east of the sky that makes the snow glow like diamond. Think of a view where you can see the east sun as a round ball, mixture of orange and yellow on the horizon behind a mountain covered in snow and still dark on the west. The sunrise in Nepal turns the vergent land to gold and the mountains to diamond. This spine chilling experience is just the glimpse of what beauty really means in Nepal. With such photogenic beauty and ease-on-the-eye sceneries, Nepal has been one of the promising place on earth to attract tourists in large scale.

Describing briefly about the natural beauty of Nepal can be a very hard task but this article can give you a brief overview of what you will be misssing if you don’t have a plan for Trekking in Nepal. Starting from the Terai Region, there are countless number of places you can start from. From the birth place of Lord Buddha (Light of Asia) to the land where brave Gurkhalis fought for the freedom of Nepal. Also know as the Grain House of Nepal, Terai region is rich in agriculture and most of the food products for Nepal are grown here. You can enjoy the greenery here. Also there are many religious sites as well as many National Parks to visit. The birth place of goddess Sita and a very rich in culture, Janakpur is a must place to visit. At places like Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park you can take a closer look at animals that are only found in Nepal and nowhere else. Also Pokhara is a very beautiful city located in Kaski district of Nepal. Know as the Paradise on Earth and the city of lakes, Pokhara is famous for paragliding, zip flyer, mountain biking, Pokhara Ultralight, Pokhara trekking, hand gliding, bunjee jump, rafting, sky diving and many more. Among the hilly regions Manang and Upper Mustang Trek are the most famous Treks as well. Going further up to the himalaya region Some of the famous treks are Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek and many more. On these adventurous trekking, you can see why Nepal is known for it’s beauty. From the green grass to the white shining mountains, you can see them all bt trekking in Nepal. Trekking to any of these mountain can be as thrilling as jumping off a cliff with no ropes and you still surviving. The joy of mountain climbing is something out of this world and everyone should try it once in a lifetime.