Cloths and Equipment

Preparation for Trek

Cloths and Equipment requirement is crucial for the trekking and expedition. As showed by the height and environment, a man obliges a pieces of clothing and sorts of rigging. Trekking is done in cool, high and remote extents. So we require different dress and sorts of apparatus for trekking, most by far of the things for trekking are available in Kathmandu (capital city of Nepal connected with International Airport).

Clothing for Trekking

  • Trekking or light weight walking shoes for making your walk less difficult and pleasing
  • A track suit and several track shoes to wear in tea house and camp around night time
  • Two arrangements of woolen and cotton socks for trekking shoes and track shoes
  • Warm down coat and storm check coat with hood for certification from deluge
  • Woolen top for the frigid and sun top for the day sun
  • several woolen gloves and a few shoes to wear in tea houses or camp
  • two cotton T-shirts and two arrangements of fitting long shorts/skirts
  • Woolen shirts and thick sweaters furthermore wind and water affirmation trousers
  • Pair of light or significant weight trousers and one light weight long sleeves
  • Thermal underpants to get free from cold

Sorts of rigging for Trekking

  • Trekking or duffle sack to pass on trekking fixing
  • Trekking daypack for individual passing on materials and resting packs
  • Water cleaning tablet and containers
  • Snow and sun glasses, walking shafts and umbrella
  • Small touch light and head light with additional batteries
  • Sun piece lotion for lips and body parts and a fabric or wiping papers
  • Money belt and some medicinal guide pack
  • Reading materials, diary, envelopes, trekking maps, binocular, pens, camera, I-phone, collapsing blade, photos, beguilements like cards, chess et cetera.

Where to buy?

Trekking supplies is open at Kathmandu and Pokhara. Trekking Planner can endorse you to buy supplies under the most ideal conditions put or shops. Nepal Pioneer Treks and Expedition can guide you to get the best trekking cloths and equipment.