Travellers’ Reviews

Annapurna Circuit Trek - Nepal


My name is Ashleigh, I am 23 years old and from New Zealand. In December me and my 73 year old did the Annapurna circuit trek. We had an absolutely incredible time!! It was the best travel decision we have ever made. We saw breathtaking scenery at every corner we took.

Our guide Binod Pokharel, was excellent!! Each night we would discuss the plan for the next day. He was very flexible, making sure we went at a good pace for my father. He was conscious that my father being older, would need to go at a slower pace. But also, that when trekking in the high up altitudes a slow pace is always better, to avoid climate sickness. I am so proud of my father making it over 'Thorong La Pass' at 5416m!! And I believe if it wasn't for Binod expertise we wouldn't have made it over.

I would absolutely recommend Binod as your guide as he has 20 years of experience in the mountains and has dealt with all sorts of weather conditions. He is extremely knowledgeable .

My biggest advice is to take the advice of your guide seriously because they know their far better than anyone from a different country. Also be flexible!! Weather is very changeable. Its good to have a couple of days up your sleeves just in case of the need of rest or weather.

All round I would highly recommend the Annapurna Trek. Seriously amazing scenery that you will not find elsewhere. Additionally, going with this company is very affordable and well worth every dollar.

Everest Base Camp Trekking - Nepal


Nepal Pioneer Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. ,

I am now back home and in my office.

I really want to thank you  and your team for arranging a wonderful trek to the EBC. To start, you had gone through every deal  to ensure I was comfortable and had no issues before and during the trek. Thanks you also for creating time for me to answer all my questions even at 11:00pm when I know you were supposed to be home resting. During the trek, I had the pleasure to be with one of  the most wonderful people I have met in my life.

My, guide, Mr. Eaklal Amgai. This man not only had a great wealth of knowledge  but he really cared, not his customers but his people. I learnt more about Nepal, its history, its people and the best what is it takes to live and trek in the Himalayas. He went out of his way to help me and my colleague when we had issues with climbing or health- He carried our backpacks to help us ease our pains when climbing steep mountains. One incident, I cannot forget is when I requested that after we had climbed Kala Panther, that I wanted to see if we can save on 2 couple of days, by trekking for long days. He nor him( porter) had never trekked at night time, but he agreed. When we were trekking  during nights, he major concern was our safety and he took ultra precautions to ensure we both were fine and safe. There are so many superlatives we can talk about Eaklal , but all I can say, that we were blessed with  a genuine human being, who helped us achieve our life time goal.

Him( I am sorry I cannot remember his last name) ,our porter, was a amazing person. He again like Eaklal cared about us and went out of his way to help us in any way he could.  Him is extremely  knowledgeable and because of that, at times when we split up ( since my colleague was having difficulties in climbing). Him helped me along the way. He know each track in such a detail that he constantly advised me where to turn and where not to go.

He understood my need to stop for rest and helped me to understand the people and the mountains. On top of it he was a excellent photographer. With his experience , knowledge and care for people, I am surprised that he is not a Guide. I would definitely recommend Him as Guide to any Tour Organization in Nepal.

Again thanks for all your help and I hope to see you next time I am In Nepal . Please note, I met Milind 2 days ago, as he was visiting US and we talked a lot about our experiences and lot of good things to say about you.

Take care.

Sandip Parikh,

Vice President Research & Quality Assurance, Inventure Foods Inc,

5415 E. High  Street,  Suite 350,

Tel. 623- 882- 3947

Langtang and Annapurna Region Trek - Nepal

I have had the opportunity to trek in Nepal using Binod Pokharel on two different occasions. Both treks were designed to suit my needs and desires. Binod was a friendly, professional, and conscientious guide. I recommend him highly and can say with the utmost of confidence, that he always gives his best. My treks were awesome!! Thanks Binod!!" I highly recommend Nepal Pioneer Treks & Expedition for upcoming trekkers, you won't be disappointed !!!

Peter Kozo (Canada)

Everest Base Camp Trekking - Nepal

I did a 3 week tour with Eaklal a few years ago before he started this business and I can happily say I would recommend his services to anyone.

we had a fantastic experience and he made sure of this. Going with the correct company will make all the difference to how you see this beautiful region of the world. I organised everything with him when I arrived in Kathmandu. I had 3 other people travelling with me and we were all accommodated for. One of my friends experienced altitude sickness and had to be rested for a few days, although we carried on Eaklal called several times a day to the guest house my friend was recovering at to ensure he was ok and being treated well. There are plenty of greedy companies out there who don't care about your experience, beware of them.

I dream of making a trip back to experience it all again, We trekked to Everest Base Camp and did a few little visits to other mountains in the region.

I will be sure to use Nepal Pioneer Treks in the future when I finally make it back again. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Paul Thornbury
Perth, Western Australia.

Gorka and Annapurna Trekking

Lower Dolpo Trek

My name is Michelle and my partner is Rodrigue. We came from Canada. A few years back we went to Nepal and by luck Binod Pokharel was our guide. He sarted by bringing us on a 3 day trip just to get our legs going. Then he proposed that we go with him to his family who lives around Gorka. This was during the National holiday ‘’The Diwali’’.

It took us a whole day to walk there. We walked through villages, rice feilds, rivers ect. This is not a tourist region and it was amazing.

We participated in all the festivities with the family and the village. For us this was one of the most memorable moments of all our trips we ever made.

Binod helped us feel at home with his family.

By being off the beaten tracks, many things happened like the regular bus broke down so we hitchiked, got into the back of a big truck. Binod found another truck to get us to Gorkha.

Coming back we rode on top of the bus which I found absolutely exciting.

We then went trekking in the Annapurna region. This was not a hard core trekking but Binod had us figured out and planned a trek made for us.

To this day it is our best travel experience and this certainly because of Binod. We have kept in touch after all these years and we get news from his family.

I recommend him and his company Nepal Pioneer Treks & Exoedition Pvt. Ltd if you want to go through him to get our contact, we could give you more information.

Michelle and Rodrigue