Upper Mustang Trek: The Last Forbidden Kingdom in Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek

March 19, 2017

What do you think of a forbidden kingdom? Would you like to visit one if ever had a chance? Yes, Upper Mustang is the forbidden kingdom of Nepal where foregin visitors were not permitted to go till 1992. But Nowadays foregin visitors are heartly welcome to this beautiful place untouched by the outer world. Upper Mustang resembles the beauty of the nature in it’s purest form ever possible.

Uppper Mustang Trek is one of the most adventurous trek to the deserted land of Nepal. Yes Upper Mustang is also know for it’s seemless Deserted land and the beauty of the rough soil that covers whole of the Mustang Region. You can go on a cycling adventure with your friends and family to the deepest and the top of the deserted land. Rock climbing, horse racing and riding are the most adventurous and loved sports there. Climbing to the top of a cliff and watching the view of the naure can be a very beautiful memory if imagined. Horse riding and racing to a scenery that makes your heart warm and gives chills to your spines can also be something you might be looking for in the Mustang Region Trek. Upper Mustang Trek is something everyone must have experience of and look forward to. Nepal is not only know for it’s natural beauty but also for it’s food and festivals. And In whole of Nepal, Upper Mustang is rich in food and the festivals they celebrate there.

Upper Mustang is where there is Buddhist Kingdom generally called Lo. Towns here are natural regular Tibetan style and Tibetan Buddhism is sharpened here in its faultless shape. The enormous scenes here are included by moved shades of rocks which make bizzare plans. Towns with their splendid and wonderful fields in the fruitless scene look like forsake gardens in leave, which justifies seeing.

The trail experiences old salt band way where Mustang people used to trade Tibetan salt. In Lo Mangtang there is an enormous 4 storied regal living arrangement of ruler. Other than this there are some splendid tremendous shelters like Thugchen Gompa. Diverse spots to visit here are amchi school and show lobby. The school was set up by Tibetan pros who remembering the true objective to shield their old data. You can ride a steed and accomplish Chhoser where one can visit old religious groups and natural hollows. Colt is mainly well known for its educated Tibetan culture, rich legacy and pleasant ordinary heavenliness including scenes, conduits and valleys.

The following is the information about the trek and the activites of the following days:

Day 01: Arrival day in Kathmandu then transfer to hotel. (1,300m/4,160 ft)

Day 02: City tour and trek preparation day (1,300m/4,160 ft)

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (820m/2624ft)7 hours drive

Day 04: Fly from Kathmandu to Jomsom and trek to Kegbeni (2,800m/8,960ft) 20 Minutes flight and 3 hours walk

Day 05: Trek from Kagbeni to Chele (3,050m/9,760ft) 5 hour walk

Day 06: Trek from Chele to Geling (3,440m/11,008ft) 5-6 hours walk

Day 07: Trek from Geling to Charang (3,490m/11,168ft) 5-6 hour walk

Day 08: Trek from Charang to Lo-Manthang (3,730m/11,936ft) 5-6 hours walk

Day 09: Explore day at Lo-Manthang (3,730m/11,936ft)

Day 10: Trek from Lo-Mangthang to Ghar Gumpa, 4-5 hrs walk

Day 11: Trek from Ghar Gumpa to Ghiling (3806m/12,180ft), 5-6 hrs walk

Day 12: Trek from Ghiling to Chele (3050m/9,760ft), 5-6 hrs walk

Day 13: Trek from Chele to Jomsom (2720/8,704ft), 6-7 hrs walk

Day 14: Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara (820m/2,624ft)

Day 15: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu, 7-8 hrs drive

Day 16: Departure day